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Queen Zaria
& King Asante

Queen Zaria XIV Jacinda Nicole Mitchell

King Asante XIV Anthony Mitchell, Jr.

The Second Liners Mardi Gras Ball was started in 2009

This was the official unveiling of King Asante I and Queen Zaria I, the first named royalty of the organization. Brian Shaw and Bertha Sherrod were unveiled and crowned as Asante I and Zaria I. The Asante people were fierce organized warriors who cowered from no one. The Asante people have an unquestionable loyalty to their rulers. The Zaria region was home to Queen Amina commonly known as the warrior queen. She was the first woman to become queen in a male-dominated society during her reign between 1576 to 1610. Zaria is the capital of present-day emirate of Kaduna in Nigeria

2024 Mardi Gras 

Through The Years

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